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Back-flow Valve Inspection

Back-flow Valve Inspection

Barwon Water requires that all business and residential properties that have secondary water supplies such as recycled water, rain watertank or bore supplies use a back-flow prevention device to avoid contamination of the town drinking water supply.

Barwon Water requires all connected properties be inspected for their requirement to install a back-flow valve and once installed the valve needs to be tested annually to make sure it is working correctly. Roadknight can perform the initial inspection advising you what needs to be installed for your property and then provide the follow up inspection and testing annually. Only plumber authorised by Barwon Water can perform the inspections and sign off on the testing.

A Back-flow Valve is designed to allow water to only flow in one direction.

A Back-Flow Valve stops water from each properties own water storage solutions such as rain water tanks and grey water systems from inadvertently flowing back into the community water supply due to a broken pipe or mechanical failure in the system. By its very nature this also stops your own water storage from being emptied due to a failure elsewhere.

Water Contamination prevention device